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Cell phone tracking allows you to use your GPS on your phone to find your phone if it is lost or stolen, it also allows you to find friends and family memebers as well.

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2011-07-27 21:40:02
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Q: I just bough a new cell phone and there is a program on the cell phone call cell phone tracking what dose it do ?
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What is a GPRS call on a mobile phone?


What is the best phone tracking?

need to locate the phone and the call usage

Where could one get a call tracking system?

There are several options for call tracking systems. One may be able to find a call tracking system through their local phone company. Other options are Call Source and Call Fire.

What is the purpose of call tracking systems?

The call tracking systems is used mostly in call centers. The call tracking system basically researches the call history of a phone system and keeps a record of the caller and the time and content of the call. Call tracking systems are most beneficial in 911 calls because of the legality of the calls that could make a difference in a court case or other similar litigation.

Who uses call tracking systems?

Government and law enforcement agencies use call tracking systems. The FBI can use wire taps to track any calls made from a phone.

Where can I find call tracking software where my purchase can remain anonymous?

The best thing to do is to call your local phone company and have your number unpublished. When you call out it will keep your call as anonymous.

Can you have an extension cell phone?

You can customize your phone system and program it to route call to your cellphone if your other extensions are busy and not ready to answer a call.

What phone number can a consumer call at UPS to check the status of their parcel?

To check the status of a parcel with UPS, call 1-800-PICK-UPS. When you get through say "tracking" then say your tracking number and listen for further instructions.

Is there a phone number to call to get news?

yes but its not for you you are to nasty in the bed for this program

How can I locate my car if I have stolen vehicle tracking on it?

The stolen vehicle tracking company should provide you with a toll free or local phone number for you to call. Once you contact them they will initiate the tracking device. You will also be asked to contact the police who will actually recover the automobile for you.

How does bug tracking software work?

Bug tracking software works by keeping track of bugs in new software in the interests of software development. It is also known as Issue tracking software.

How can you call your cell phone from your laptop?

To do this, you would need an program such as Skype, on which you can pay for phone calls to mobile phones.

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