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It is not possible to track cell phones when you are not the owner. If you have a family plan, some companies will allow you to track phones on your plan, but there are regulations about tracking other phones. Sometimes the police can obtain a warrant to track a phone, but they need to present hard facts to the judge why it would be necessary. Verizon has strict policies to protect their customers.

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No; the networks used by Cingular (now AT&T) and Verizon Wireless are incompatible.

You can't only on sprint or Verizon have mp3 built into their phones.

call your local cellphone service provider store such as sprint at&t cingular Verizon nextel... what ever you have and ask for an operater and ask them to forward it

No, you can not use a Verizon provided phone on a Cingular network, unless it is an unlocked phone. Most of cell phones you get with service provider (e.g. Verizon) plans and deals are locked to that particular network and can not be used with another service provider's network unless you unlock the phone.AnswerAlso - Cingular (now AT&T) is a GSM carrier and Verizon Wireless is a CDMA carrier. Each uses different cell phone technology making them incompatable. You can use an AT&T phone and switch it to a go phone once your contract runs out or visa versa. Sometimes pay as you go phones are the best option.

A cingular gps tracking feature on a cell phone is primarily used for people tracking. It can also be used to track other things such as automobiles and packages.

No, phones are programmed for the carrier, so if it was a Verizon phone, it was programmed for Verizon. It will not work on another carrier.

It depends on your plan I think. But, actually. I think so.

The top three wealthiest cell phone companies in America are Verizon wireless, Sprint and Cingular wireless. Each have millions of customers and subscribers to their service.

Cingular, now The New AT&T, utilizes SIM cards for their phones. If you are looking for a pre owned cell phone for Cingular, I have included a link below. Hope this helps.

lets say u have a Verizon cell phone you can either call Verizon or go on Verizon's website.

IN Minutes and texts are mobile to mobile. So any call or text from one Verizon Wireless cell phone to another Verizon Wireless cell phone would be considered IN.

it depends. if you have a cingular or tmobile phone they can usually be easily swapped with one another.

yes u have to drop your contract but then they fine you so much money for dropping your contract. ask cingular about it. yes u have to drop your contract but then they fine you so much money for dropping your contract. ask cingular about it.

Cingular prepaid cell phones ceased to exist as of 2007. Cingular was actually acquired by AT&T in December of 2006 and announced that it would be re-branded as AT&T in January of 2007.

You can use cingular GPS tracking by signing up for this service with Cingular. You need to sign up with them when you sign a contract for cell phone service.

The cell phone company is capable of doing so if it is on. However, the Verizon, at least, requires a call from the Police before they will track the stolen phone, so you have to file a police report.

To find out the benefits of having a Verizon cell phone, go to, or

The cingular wireless 8125 is a cell phone with a slide out qwerty keyboard. Use of this cellular device must be done through Cingular Wireless, which is a mobile phone service.

By contacting Verizon Wireless, you can request that text messaging be disabled for your mobile line. This is possible for any cell phone used with Verizon Wireless. It is not currently possible to identify specific cell phone numbers to block on a one-off basis.

Yes Cingular carries LG phones as well as many other models. A few types of LG phones that Cingular carries are:Xenon GR500, CU400, and the CI300. To look at a series of Cingular LG phones you can visit

Verizon cell phones are carried by the the cell carrier Verizon. You can also purchase them at stores like Target or Best Buy. They have brands such as Samsung, LG and the iPhone.

Cellular Country is a good source for cheap cell phones on the Verizon network. Another option is to look on auction sites such as eBay as there are occasionally bargains to be found.

AnswerVerizon phones do not have SIM cards.First off, Verizon Wireless Global Phones do have sim cards. Anyways, take the two phones to any decent size cell phone location and they should have a machine that transfers contacts and pictures (i.e. CelleBrite machine). There is usually a minimal charge of like $10 if you did not buy the new phone from that location.

You can buy cell phones that are locked to Verizon by buying them from Verizon themselves. All phones bought from Verizon, whether Contract or Pay as you Go (Pre-Paid) are locked to Verizon.

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