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Q: Is Mae m Walter's elementary hunted?
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Is Mae M Walters Elementary School haunted?

Some believe the school is haunted in the upstairs bathroom and in some classrooms.

What did the Acient Egyptians invent to track time?

Actually the Maya were the ones who invented the calender which I learned in social studies with my 5th grade teacher in Mae M. Walters Elementary HI FRIENDS Kevin OUT < > U

Who was the first principal of Mae M Walter Elementary and is there a picture of that perrson?

MAYBE THERE IS A picture but the first principal i researched I'm not sure.

What classrooms of Mae m walters are haunted?

The rooms that are haunted are 27,32,20,22,23,21 because we found out because every time we get out of the classroom we turn off the light and one light turns off but then it turn on by it self

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What elementary did selena quintanilla?

Oran M. Roberts Elementary School

Where did ms Mae m walters die?

she died in the baseball field. the lump where the pitcher stands is her. so be very careful all the ghosts of that school are after me because i had a mystery club I'm in class room 22 and 23 trust me I'm careful but not brave

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