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Whether in Virginia or another state, uninsured motorist insurance is often pushed aside by drivers. Unfortunately for those drivers, uninsured motorist insurance could come in handy in the case of an accident where the other driver involved does not have insurance.

In Virginia, uninsured motorist insurance is actually mandatory. Residents are required to purchase uninsured motorist insurance as part of their auto insurance plan. Fortunately for residents of Virginia, uninsured motorist insurance can help protect from health care costs and other costs associate with an accident that the driver is not At Fault for.

Residents of Virginia are required to purchase 25/50/20 of uninsured motorist insurance with their auto insurance policy. This amount of insurance is purchased in order to cover bodily injury and damage to property costs associated with an accident. Additionally, uninsured motorist insurance can help pay for lost wages and other medical bills as a result of an accident. While uninsured motorist insurance may seem like an extra or unnecessary costs, statistics have shown that nearly 15 percent of drivers on the road do not carry liability insurance. In the case of an accident in which a driver does not have insurance, the driver at fault would be required to pay for any and all costs. If they can't, it becomes the responsibility of the other driver involved in the accident. It doesn't matter if the driver was at fault or not.

In Virginia, drivers have the option of purchasing a deductible for uninsured motorist insurance. The deductible is the price that a driver is willing to pay out of pocket if they have an encounter with an uninsured driver that can not pay for damages and or medical bills.

Fortunately, as it is mandatory in Virginia, purchasing uninsured motorist insurance or paying for a deductible is relatively inexpensive. As with all types of auto insurance, prices will vary depending on the insurance company. For best deals on uninsured motorist protection rates, it's best to shop around.

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