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Most states are passing legislation that ban drivers from using handheld cellular devices while driving. Don't get caught red handed with a phone in your hand while driving. Use a Bluetooth headset while driving to avoid getting ticketed and fined for breaking the law. Even if your state has not yet banned using handheld cell phones while driving, the safe thing to do is to use a Bluetooth headset. You can find Bluetooth headsets in a wide range of styles, and there are many different models so that anyone can find a headset to match his or her budget.

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Q: Use a Bluetooth Headset While Driving?
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What are the two methods people use to communicate to others while driving?

either use voic comand on your phone or have a bluetooth headset

Why You Need a Verizon Bluetooth Headset?

Verizon Bluetooth headsets are earpieces that allow you to talk on your cell phone hands-free. It is especially important to purchase a Verizon Bluetooth headset if you plan to use your cell phone while driving. Using a Bluetooth device is safer than talking on a cell phone when driving because it allows you to keep both hands on the wheel. Also, many states have passed laws prohibiting cell phone use while driving unless using a Bluetooth device. The fines for using a cell phone while driving can be astronomical, so a Bluetooth device is a worthwhile investment for drivers.

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Why won't my Bluedio R Bluetooth headset work with gaming?

I am not use why your Bluedio R Bluetooth headset will not work while gaming. You will have to tell me what it is saying or doing when trying to get it to work.

Can you use an ordinary bluetooth headset for PS3?


Can you use a ps3 headset on ps2?

no PS2 does not have Bluetooth

Can you use an ipod touch as a bluetooth headset for ps3?


What devices is the Motorola H500 bluetooth headset compatible with?

The Motorola H500 Bluetooth headset is compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone. They must also support the use of headset and hands-free profiles.

Is it legal to use a cell phone while driving?

I know for sure that in California, it has to be HANDS-FREE. So if you have a Bluetooth or a headset, you're okay, but I'm not entirely sure about other states.

Can you use more than one Bluetooth on black ops on ps3 while playing online or in zombies?

Your not clear on your question. A Bluetooth controller is used and called the Dual Shock 3. You can also use a Bluetooth Headset with Call of Duty Black Ops or a USB type headset

Can you use bluetooth to talk on the phone while driving using?


Can you use a regular bluetooth for the xbox 360?

I heard that you couldn't but they are coming out with a bluetooth for the xbox 360 so an adapter plugs into the headset part of your controller and it comes with a bluetooth headset.

How can you use your Sony ps3 bluetooth headset with your PC without a bluetooth adapter?

Why would you think you can. The headset uses Bluetooth and your PC does not have it. I don't think you could use it even with an adapter because it was designed for the PS3 and not just a general multi purpose type Bluetooth headset also sold by Sony I would think so cause i can use my Sony Bluetooth headset with my phone...wich is not a Sony product.

Stay Safe and Avoid Tickets with the LG Bluetooth Headset?

With so many states adopting the "distracted driving" laws, devices that allow hands free communication are fast becoming essential. In order to stay safe and avoid traffic citations, drivers need to change the way they use their cell phones while driving. Bluetooth communication devices like the LG Bluetooth Headset are ideal for hands free cell phone use while driving. The LG Bluetooth Headset and others like it are quick and easy to set up with any cell phone or smartphone and offer very good call quality. Bluetooth headsets are now the norm for drivers everywhere and they're a must for staying accident and ticket-free.

Can I use my older bluetooth headset with the HP Pocket PC h555?

Your older Bluetooth headset will work great with the HP H555, as the Bluetooth spec. makes room for backwards compatibility.

Application of Bluetooth?

There are various applications to Bluetooth technology. For example, you can use it with a wireless headset and a cell phone.

Can you use a bluetooth headset to listen to Netflix movies or a CD on the PS3 or is the bluetooth headset just for video games?

Ive tried it too nothing works, but it would be nice to watch netflix with bluetooth headset so it won't bother others...

Do you have to have a Motorola bluetooth for a Motorola razor phone or can you use a Samsung bluetooth?

A Sansung Bluetooth headset can be used, but will likely give instructions for a Samsung phone. To use the headset, # Follow the instructions for the headset to set it into pairing mode. # Then, on the RAZR go to Menu, Settings, Connections, Bluetooth, Handsfree, Look for Devices. The phone will then list all Bluetooth devices that it finds. # From the list select your headset. # Then enter the passkey given with the phone. After all this, test the headset by making a call.

Does the iPhone bluetooth headset work with iPhone 3gs?

Yes, Because usually the 3GS got more upgraded system that will allow you to use any Bluetooth Headset.

Can you use PS3 headset for ps2 games?

If the ps3 headset is bluetooth technology no, if it connects via usb yes.

The Importance of a Cell Phone Headset?

If you have a cell phone and like to talk while you're on the go, then a cell phone headset is a very real necessity for your phone. Especially when you consider how many states have begun to crack down on cell phone use while driving, you really need a cell phone headset if you plan on legally talking on your phone while you're driving. A cell phone headset can be very cheap or astronomically expensive, depending on which model you need. If you plan on using the headset for work, consider using a bluetooth headset that won't have a wire dangling in your way.

DOes the Xbox 360 Wireless Headset use bluetooth technology to connect?

Yes. It uses bluetooth to connect to the xbox. Most of the time if is very easy to sync your headset to your xbox. This adds alot of value and fun while playing games online.

How do I use Bluetooth to connect my Samsung headset to my phone?

You should be able to go into the phone's Bluetooth settings. There you should turn the Bluetooth to ON. You should then "find" devices on the phone, and make sure you have the power to the headset on as well.

Can you use a bluetooth headset with a bluetooth cordless home phone with no cell phone involved?

Yes. A Bluetooth headset will work with a Bluetooth cordless handset for a home phone. As long as the home phone states compatibility, you will be able to be hands free at home.

How does Xbox 360 use a Bluetooth headset if it does not use Bluetooth?

its able to switch from wireless to blutooth with the flick of a switch but cant use them both at once