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Did you know that you are able to use international calling cards on your cell phone? While most cell phone carriers offer international calling service, you can get the service much cheaper by using an international calling card while on your cell phone. Why spend more money when you can easily use a calling card to secure an international rate for much, much less?

According to, you can get rates from the United States to places like Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Poland, Russia, India, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Spain, and the UK for all under $0.02/minute.

Now take Sprint as an example of a mobile carrier who charges for international calls when made from your cell phone. If you do not have international calling service through Sprint, it would be $0.49/minute to call to Canada. If you have a Sprint international calling plan for $4.00/month, than you can call Canada for $0.09/minute. Either way you are better off using a calling card.

This raises the question of how your calling card will work on your mobile phone. As we all know, most mobile phone plans only allow you a specific amount of minutes each month. So, what if I make a lot of international calls from my calling card, won’t I lose all of my minutes? The answer is actually quite simple. When dialing through the calling card you dial the calling card number first, this is the actual number that will register through your cell phone company. If you make it during your peak hours, than yes, it will come out of your peak/anytime minutes, but if you call during night and weekends or your off-peak minutes, than it will count towards those, just like a regular call would. What most people don’t know is that you can actually use your calling card 800 number as one of your “my circle” or “calling circles” numbers. If you have a plan that allows you 10-15 numbers that you get unlimited calling with, you can add the 800 calling card number as one of your favorites and get unlimited calling to that number.

As you can see, if you know what you are doing with your cell phone company, and your calling card provider, you can end up making international calls for very cheap. Don’t start making international calls for unthinkable rates, look into getting an international calling card and don’t feel stuck with your cell phone providers ridiculous rates.

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Q: Use International Calling Cards On Your Cell Phone?
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Which is a better deal for someone who needs to call India: international calling cards or my US-based cell phone?

International calling cards are the best options. International calling charges can be very high for US cell phones.

Buying International Calling Cards for Cell Phones?

International calling cards for cell phones allow you to purchase minutes to make international phone calls. The benefit of purchasing an international calling card is that you do not need to sign a international phone plan with your cell phone provider. Researching which international calling card to buy is important because the call quality varies greatly. Choosing a bad calling card can result in dropped calls and charges for calls that you did not make.

Are International Calling card cheaper to use over just calling someone international?

If you are calling from a home phone (not a cell phone) then International calling cards can be less expensive. You can easily shop around and find a much better rate than what your phone provider is charging.

Where can I get an international calling card for my cell phone?

International calling cards can be expensive. You may want to ask your cellular provider to add the feature to your phone. It is cheaper that way. If you still insist on purchasing cards you can visit Radio Shack, Staples and Best Buy.

Can a us cell phone place calls in the UK?

yes if you get international calling or buy a calling card.

Where can I buy international calling cards for my cell phone?

You don't need another SIM card. If you want to use your phone in another country - simply contact your service provider and ask them to activate its 'roaming' function. Be aware though - that calls will be much more than if you were using your handset at home !

Where can I find international phone service?

Most cell phone providers allow you to place calls internationally, or they have an international calling plan. Vonage is a nationally known brand that has an international plan.

How much does an internation cell phone and the plan cost?

Many American cell phone companies do not allow international calling on standard plans. The going rate for an international call phone is anywhere from 50-200 dollars depending on the type of phone.

Which cell phone service providers offer prepaid calling cards?

Several cell phone providers offer prepaid calling cards. They realize not everyone can pay the high deposits for prepaid service or are able to pass a credit check. One of the leading providers that I would recommend that does offer prepaid calling cards is Verizon. They are also know to have the best coverage in the US.

Do I need a special cell phone for international long distance calling?

A special cell phone isn't needed to be able to make international calls. A cell phone plan with a good long distance coverage will save you money in the long run.

Selecting International and Domestic Phone Services?

People who frequently make international phone calls may want an international phone service, in addition to their domestic phone service. For many people, this may require carrying two cell phones. Often, the savings provided by two different calling plans outweighs the inconvenience of carrying two cell phones. Most phone plans are tailored either for domestic calling or international calling. On a domestic plan, calls to other countries, are often expensive. Meanwhile, an international plan may charge high rates for domestic calls. To save money, people might want to have a plan for both types of calling.

What is required to convert a cell phone for international use?

Providing your phone already has a localised SIM card, replacing the 0 in any phone number you wish to call abroad with the area code should allow you to call anyone internationally. However, you may incur high charges from your network provider. Many people buy international SIM cards if they are going to be abroad, or calling abroad, regularly to lower their costs. International SIM cards are provided by Lebara amongst others.