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What is the best way to fold a fitted sheet?


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2019-08-26 18:52:18
2019-08-26 18:52:18

There’s really only one way to fold a fitted sheet without succumbing to the frustration that usually accompanies the task.

The elastic bands do present an issue, see, and most of us end up shoving unfolded linens into our closets. That wastes space, and it’s completely unnecessary—folding a fitted sheet is fairly simple, once you’ve mastered the technique.

Here’s the best method:
  1. Start by holding the sheet lengthwise by the top two corners (the short side of the sheet will hang down). Keep the right side (the one that faces up when you put it on the bed) toward your body, but make the corners inside out, so your hands are inside the corners.
  2. Bring those top two corners together. Fold one corner over the other, pulling it so that its elastic fitting covers the other’s.
  3. From the second corner, slide down the edge of the sheet to the next corner. Pick it up and tuck it into the second corner, bringing the elastic over the new corner, like with the first two.
  4. Slide down again to the final corner. Bring it up and tuck it in behind the other three corners.
  5. Lay the sheet on a table. Keep the corners facing up, and be sure to smooth out any wrinkles as you work to keep your linens as flat as possible. Fold the sheet vertically in thirds. Fold in from one side, then the other side (so, while you’re folding in thirds, you’re only performing two actual folds).
  6. Fold the sheet horizontally in thirds using the same process. For larger sheets, you might decide to fold in fourths. By this point, the sheet should be relatively flat, and the elastic should be completely within the folded linen. If the elastic is still exposed, you may have to shake the sheet out and start over.

Folding a fitted sheet isn’t actually difficult, but it requires some precision and attention to detail. Practice a few times, and you’ll get the process down.

To see this in action, here’s a helpful video from Living On A Dime.


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An electric mattress pad is much like an electric blanket. It goes on your bed underneath your fitted sheet and heats your bed in an even way. An electric mattress pad can be purchased online at Wal-Mart.

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