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What is the snowy owl's habitat?

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The Snowy Owl's habitat is in the northern margins of the arctic tundra.
The Snowy Owl lives in the cold Arctic tundra. It nests in a hole in the ground and feeds on lemmings and other small animals.

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a snowy owls habitat is full of snow and trees (usually snowy place)

The snowy owls habitat is generly a cold place like the arctic tundra and is covered in snow all year round. This is the owls choice of habitat.

the snowy owls habitat is cold weather. mostly northern Canada in the summer and Texas, Georgia and Tennessee in the winter.

no they do not cause it blend in with the snow

This is difficult without knowing who "they" are and how "in the snowy owls habitat" makes them feel, or which plants are already known. PROBABLY small shrubs, grasses, and flowers

Snowy owls breathe with the noses and there mouths. Snowy owls do not have gills.

when do snowy owls mate

snowy owls need a good habitat to live in, food like fish or rodents, parent to take care for them when young and wings and talons to hunt

Both. You can hunt Snowy Owls but you can also save snowy owls by joining the Snowy owls online Organisation For Kids.

The snowy owls enimes are a *itch

Snowy owls are Arctic birds.

Yes, snowy owls are vertebrates.

The Snowy Owls predators are Artic Fox but only to baby owls because they nest on the ground. The adult Snowy Owls do not have predators

wolves do eat snowy owls

snowy owls walk with there claws and they fly

snowy owls can eat with their beaks

Snowy owls are birds and birds are vertebrates.

Snow owls are a breed of owl, while snowy owls have snow on them.

The polarbears don't eat snowy owls. The proof is that owls are nocturnal.

snowy owls live in Eurasia, tundra, and meadows.

256,825 snowy owls are left in the wild.

Snowy owls are being hunted for their spotted fur.