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A verb for "Horror" is "horrify". It is not entirely clear from the question whether "large" is to be considered as a separate word or as an adverb to the verb for Horror. In the first instance, something like "greatly horrify" would be appropriate. It is less clear whether "large" by itself has any verbal equivalent: Either "enlarge" or "magnify" might be considered appropriate.

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2022-10-28 14:53:01
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The verb for horror is horrify.
Other verbs are horrifies, horrifying and horrified.

Some example sentences are:
"This will horrify her".
"He horrifies her with a secret"
"Why are you horrifying everyone?
"I am extremely horrified".

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2013-03-06 07:44:10

The verb for horror is horrified.

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Q: What is the what is the verbs for horror?
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