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Where can I find a low income house or a apartments place to live ?


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You need to go to your local economic housing office to find low income housing.

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Where can i find a list of low income apartments?

You can find out about the income limits for subsidized apartments by visiting

You can visit and search for low income apartments for rent in your area.

There are multiple low income apartments in Oakland, CA. An online search or local realtor can be used to find good low income apartments.

Checking with your local housing authority for a list of income based apartments is a good start.

The best place to look is It is a government website, and has forms, information, and tips to help you find low-income apartments for seniors, as well as other types of HUD housing.

You can find based on income apartments for rent at Another site is

Checking with your local housing authority in Boston can provide you with a list of income based apartments.

Checking with you local housing authority can provide you with a list of low income apartments.

The Green House Association has low income option 433 West Harrison Street, Chicago, IL- (312) 371-3827

Yes they do. Apparently there is an organisation called HUD which helps people with low income find apartments for which you do not have to pay the whole rent. It is not required for you to apply through that organization, You just need proof of your income and you will be able to get such a place.

cant find low income apartments can some one help me milford goshen loveland ohio or close to here thank you. my name is connie

SteepleChase Apartments offers low income 2411 Talonwood Drive, West Memphis, AR - (870) 735-6975

There are a lot of apartments that rent based on your income and household size. You need to call them to find out if they are the low income apartments or not.

As the economy tightens more and more apartments and homes are becoming subsidised for low income. In the West Philadelphia area you can find several listings on Craigslist.

The best place to look for information about apartments in California would be by checking your nearest estate angents. They would be able to help you with the informaton you need. and will help you find the best non-income based apartments for rent in west Philadelphia.

The Washington Low Income Housing Alliance would be a great place to start, as well as the Seattle Housing Authority.

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Council House Apartments is Low Income Senior Housing‎. They are at 2323 East 10th Street, Tucson, AZ‎ - (520) 623-4686‎

Two of the best apartments in San Angelo, Texas are: Bella Vista Apartments Angelo Place Your income and other factors determine apartments that would be the best for you. To find these, visit a website that will consider your individual needs or look at the Apartment Guide for the best ratings.

You can find a list of apartments online at various websites. Many realty companie or apartment complexes are more that willing to help you find apartments within you budget.

There are websites that provide listings for low income apartments and will separate them by area. A person can check ApartmentGuide and search by location and price.

Today best place to find an apartments is through Internet you can visit various real websites for search of the apartment

You can find Low Income Apartments by visiting HUDs Public Housing Agency. Here you will need to select the state that you are residing in. Once that is done a list will be generated of suitable apartments and housing.

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