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You can add the feature on to one of the Verizon wireless plans by going to their web site at , or by calling their sales department at (800) 256-4646.

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Q: Where can I get unlimited texting for a verizon samsung?
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Is twitter free with Verizon unlimited texting?


Does Verizon Wireless offer unlimited free texting?

Yes, to an extent. It will cost extra to get unlimited free texting with your plan, and Verizon will still charge you extra for texting internationally.

If you have unlimited texting from Verizon does it cover email also?


Is there a unlimited texting plan on Verizon wireless?

yes there is

How do get unlimited textingfor Verizon?

Call Verizon, and request to change your texting plan.

Does the Samsung Galaxy s by Verizon wirless has texting?

Yes. It should have texting.

Is msn free if you have unlimited texting?

yes it is for Verizon and t mobile

Is it free to vote to American idol if you have Verizon unlimited texting?


Will texting charges apply if you have unlimited texting?

If you have unlimited texting in your plan than you should be able to text all you want without any extra texting charges unless you are texting someone that doesnt have the same carrier as you. If you have Verizon then it is 10 bucks a month and you get unlimted Verizon to verzion.

If you are on Verizon does that mean that no matter what plan you are on you still have unlimited text to other Verizon people?

No, if you are on a plan with no text package, than you do not have unlimited texting to anyone. If you have a $5 text package, that just includes a flat 250 messages and not unlimited Verizon to Verizon. A $10, $15, $20 text package or a Select, Connect, or Premium plan does include unlimited texting to Verizon Wireless subscribers.

Does Verizon have unlimited texting?

yah but its more expensive then US Cellular Unlimited or TMoible or ATT etc..

How much does unlimited texting cost with Verizon wireless?

unlimited texting varries. unlimited IN Texting w/ 500 messages to any other holder is $10 unlimited IN Texting w/ 1000 messages to any other holder is $15 unlimited IN Texting w/ 5000 messages to any other holder is $20

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