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Q: Why is family important to the government?
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What was one of the most important teaching of Confucius?

Ethintical behavior for individuals and government. Family order and social harmony. Ethics.

Was representative government important in Pennsylvania?

was representative government important in Pennsylvania was representative government important in Pennsylvania

What is creon's view of family relationships?

Creon believed family relationships were not as important as the well-being of the state (government and people). In his decree, he informed his people that he had no use for those who value personal relationships (family relationships) above the state's.

How important is family in China?

Family is extremely important in China.

What institutions other than businesses are important to the economic structure?

There are many other important groups, such as the family, government, churches, and schools. All these institutions play an important role in developing value systems and the moral influences on individuals in businesses.

What Chinese philosopher devised important guidelines for proper behavior and good government?

Confucius is the Chinese philosopher who devised important guidelines for proper behavior and good government. His teachings emphasized the importance of family, respect for authority, and ethical leadership for maintaining social harmony and order.

Is family important to the people of Bulgaria?

Yes, family is very important to Bulgarians.

Was family important to the slaves?

Family was very important to slaves. Because their family were the only people they could count on.

How codes are important to the government?

codes are important to the government by keeping sure that our country is strong. also i is important to the government by passing secret messages to one source to another.

What is most important for a girl love or family?

if the girl needs family love, then family is more important and if she is truly in love with her boyfriend, then the love is more important.

What is Nepotism?

When a government official appoints a family member to a job.

How would you know that a Celtic family was important?

how would you know a celtic family was important?