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The most important issues facing the new federal government were leadership and financing. As a new government, finding the right government was a difficult task. Funding this new government was also difficult without imposing taxes and meeting resistance.

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Q: The most important issues facing the new federal government?
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What were the most important issues facing the new federal government and how were they addressed?


What were the most important issues facing the new federal government?

The biggest and most important issues the new federal government had to contend with were economic problems. The Revolutionary War debt was huge and individual states didn't feel they should be taxed to pay for it.

Why does the federal government issue bonds?

The federal government issues bonds, along with short-term notes, for the expenditures required to operate the federal government and to pay off debt that is maturing.

What level of government issues social security cards?

In the United States, they are issued by the federal government.

How do the federalists arguments in support of government power reflect issues facing Americans today?

it helps alot of the issues

Why is it that US Treasury bonds are not taxable at the state level?

Reciprocity. The states cannot tax federal issues and the federal government cannot tax state issues.

What is unitary gorvernment?

A unitary government holds all power at, what we call in the United States, the federal level. There are no issues that the federal government cannot deal with. The opposite of unitary government is the federal government, meaning that there are multiple levels of government. The United States is a federal system of government, with power being shared between the state and federal governments.

What are the top 10 issues facing Buncombe County Government in NC?

As of 2013, there are three of the top issues facing Buncombe County government in NC listed. The issues are legislation affecting the economy of agricultural counties, rural development programs, and conservation and environmental programs affecting agriculture.

During the 1900s the federal government has increasingly become involved in?

a. charities and humanitarian issues.

Why have most large countries in the world adopted a federal government?

The separation of national issues from local issues is important in dealing with problems, but addressing them requires coordination to be effective. State or provincial governments are better suited to dealing with government functions in their specific locales, while a national government is required to deal with international issues or those that affect the country as a whole. A certain degree of state autonomy ideally will reduce the bureacracy required by a national department or agency.

Why do supporters of federalism believe it is important to exist in a government?

to keep the citizens away from government issues

How are political parties similar to the federal government?

Political parties are similar to the federal in various ways. The most common similarity is in the operations and administrative issues. The political party leader is runs the party as a federal government is run by the President.