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In additon to the Aircrafts countyr of registration Aviation Control Boards guidence each carrier and manufacturer has specific rules on wet weather operation Each pilot is subject to a PIREP and ATC. large aircraft such as the Boeing 700 series etc have excellent records for wet weather takes offs. Thunderstorms are an issue as these will/do cause windshere which can have an effect on the aircraft and duing these time planes will be kept on hold until ATC an see a shift in that past of waether pattern. However, the pilot if cleared (IFR) can opt to hold until they feel conditions are better. These are holds are few in fact as most airlines training their flightdeck crews to such a high standrd. In additon nearly all large craft are now fitted with long range metro radars in the nore of the aircraft. These in conjuction with the FMS assist in the take off

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Q: Can planes take off in rain?
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If it's not raining really heavily and there's still good visibility, it can. Hard rain comes with high winds, which will keep planes from taking off. I've been in a lot of planes that took off when it was raining, and they did fine.

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