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Q: What happens to planes when they fly at high altitude?
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Can planes get shot down easily?

If they are in the air so the answer is no, because if planes fly at high altitude and at high speed. It makes it alot difficult to get planes shot down.

How do you use altitude in a 4 grade easy sentence?

Helicopters fly at low altitude.Passenger planes climb to high altitude.Birds use low altitude height to fly from tree to housetop.Military cargo planes pass over my house at low altitude.

What is the average altitude a helicopter may fly at?

Helicopters fly somewhat close to the ground. They fly near the troposphere. They fly at a lower altitude than planes.

How high does the average plain fly in km?

An average plane flies between 5 to 10 km above the surface of the earth. Planes cannot fly below or above the altitude. After this altitude there is not much air.

Why do planes fly high?

Planes fly at high altitudes because the thinner air reduces air resistance, allowing the aircraft to fly more efficiently. Flying at high altitudes also provides smoother air currents, less turbulence, and shorter flight times due to the ability to take advantage of jet streams. Additionally, being at a higher altitude allows planes to avoid obstacles on the ground and have more flexibility in choosing their flight path.

Can a passenger plane fly 55000 feet above high winds?

Passenger planes can't fly at 55,000 feet. Gulfstream business jets can fly 51,000 feet altitude, and airliners like to cruise at 35,000 feet. Some military planes, like the U-2, can fly at 55,000 feet or greater.

How high do planes fly at?

Normal planes go at 40,500 feet from ground.

How low can you fly in the US If you owned a private planejet does the FAA limit how low and high you can fly If not the FAA does the local airport?

Yes, there are restrictions for flying that applies to private planes. The FAA controls air space over certain cities and small private planes are restricted to a maximum altitude and speed.

Another word for fly high?

Flying at altitude

Why does plane not fly at low altitude Why do they usually fly at high altitude?

Better fuel economy. The air is thinner at higher altitudes.

How high do planes fly at going to Australia?


How high to planes fly in km?

Around 11km