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The two terminals are Between 8.8 miles and 10.4 miles by road depending on route chosen due to trafic. Info provided by our fiends at Google Maps

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2 and a half hours

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Q: What is the mileage from Newcastle train station to Newcastle airport?
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What is taxi fare from Newcastle train station to Newcastle airport?

it will be about £50 to £55 but best to ask for a quote and don't use the airport taxi's as they are a lot more expensive

What is the taxi fare from Newcastle international airport UK to Newcastle central train station?

About fifteen pounds. You could take the metro which is a local overland/underground train service would cost around three pounds.

Is the train station city center in Lisbon or is there a station at the airport?

There are many train stations in Lisbon.The airport itself does not have one train station, but there is one close to it (Oriente Station). From the Airport to the station there is a direct metro\subway connection.

What train station is used to travel to Newcastle from Birmingham?

The Birmingham International Train Station is the main hub for traveling to Newcastle from Birmingham. The station offers food, drink and disable access to make traveling pleasurable.

Where can one find online the Newcastle train times?

One can find the Newcastle train times online in real time on the official Newcastle train website. The website will provides various times that the train stops at every station.

How do you reach railway station from budapest's airport terminal 2B?

Which train station? Eastern, southern, western or airport train station? (Keleti) (Déli) (Nyugati)

What is the Distance from Edinburgh airport to Edinburgh train station?

Which station and which airport? You're not helping here!

What time is the first train to Eindhoven airport?

There is no train station close to Eindhoven airport. From the nearest train station (Eindhoven Beukenlaan) it's over an hour walk to the airport. You may consider taking a bus or a taxi.

What is the best way to get from Glasgow international airport to the Glasgow train station to catch a train to inverness?

Take a shuttle bus from the airport to Queen Street Station.

Can you get a train from frankfort Germany to colon Germany from frankfort airport?

yes there is a train station directly at Frankfurt airport

How do you get to Hann airport from the train station from Frankfurt?


What Transportation from Newark airport to Robert wood Johnson university hospital?

You can take a train from the airport to New Brunswick. The airport has a monorail to the train station. You would take the train south to New Brunswick. The train station in New Brunswick is one block from the hospital