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It's original name was Santa Ana Airport.

Similar to Chicago O'Hare, originally called Orchard Field, retaining ORD for its call letters.

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Q: Why is john Wayne airport designated sna?
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Closest airport to laguna nigel?

John Wayne Airport AIRPORT CODE : SNA

Who is airport code is SNA?

John Wayne Airport, Orange County, CA

Airport code for John Wayne Airport?


What is the name to SNA AIRPORT IN CALIFORNIA?

John Wayne AirportOrange County, California(IATA: SNA, ICAO: KSNA)

What is the airline code for John Wayne airport?

Because John Wayne Airport has it's mailing address in Santa Ana the IANA identity code is SNA.

What is the closest airport to Disneyland california?

John Wayne Airport (SNA / KSNA), about 13 miles by car from Disneyland.

How many fliers go in and out of John Wayne airport?

According to the Wikipedia article on John Wayne airport (SNA) there were total aircraft operations of 267,751 with a total of 8,989,603 passengers serviced in 2008.

How far is Disneyland to john Wayne airport?

John Wayne Airport, Orange County, California (IATA: SNA, ICAO: KSNA) is located approximately 9.65 miles (15.52 km)Southeast of Disneyland California.

Where is SNA?

The SNA airport is located in Santa Ana, California. It is formally known as the John Wayne Airport and is 35 miles south of Los Angeles. It is also the only airport servicing Orange County.

Is the Santa Anna airport named after general antonio de Santa Anna?

The Santa Ana airport (SNA) is actually named after John Wayne... It is the Santa Ana, Orange County, John Wayne International Airport.

What is the closest airport to Huntington Beach CA?

There are several airport choices when heading to Huntington Beach, California. The largest major airport is the Los Angeles, or LAX, airport. Other area airports include John Wayne in Orange County, and Long Beach.

Is Santa Ana Airport the same as John Wayne Airport?

Yes, John Wayne Airport has a mailing address in Santa Ana, California, and uses the 3-letter airport code SNA.