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The fuse box diagram is a sticker placed on the inside of the fuse box cover. This cover is located on the left end of the instrument panel (driver side). The sticker just uses numbers to indicate the fuses. I will match the fuse number with its purpose: 1. Power Outlet, Front 2. Rear Fog Lights 3. Horns 4. Headlight, Low Beam, Right 5. Headlight, Low Beam, Left 6. Body Control Module / Power Door Locks 7. Spare 8. Spare 9. Right Park Light / Right Tail Light / Trailer Tow Lights / Cluster 10. Spare 11. Flasher 12. Stop Lights 13. Body Control Module / CMTC / Cluster 14. Spare 15. PDC Fuel Pump and Auto Shut Down Relays / SKIS 16. Power Outlet Rear 17. Rear Wiper 18. Radio Choke & Relay 19. Front Fog Lights / Trailer Tow Stop and Turn Lights 20. Sunroof 21. Spare 22. Wiper Switch / Front & Rear Wahser 23. Left Park Light / Left Tail Light 24. PDC Blower Motor Relay 25. Heated Seat Switches / HVAC Control Head / Trailer Tow Battery Charge 26. Headlight High Beam Right 27. Headlight High Beam Left 28. Spare 29. Heated Seat Module 30. Heated Mirrors / Read Window Defroster Indicator 31. Cigar Lighter 32. Radio / Front Door Lock Switches / Body Control Module 33. SKIS / Diagnostic Connector 34. Cluster / Courtesy Lights / Radio / Body Control Module / Map Lights / CMTC / Underhood Light / Vanity Lights 35. Spare 36. Ignition Run / Start-ORC / Left and Right SIACM 37. Ignition Run Only-ORC 38. ABS Module / Brake Shift Interlock Solenoid 39. Rear Window Defroster Realy / Flasher / Backup Lights

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fuse driver side

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Q: Where can you find a fuse box diagram for 2003 Jeep Liberty?
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