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Moderates are not extreme, radical, or partisan. They hold conservative and liberal views. They are open minded people and make decisions that are best for the country and not their party. Not all moderates are the same....hope that cleared it up some

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Q: A person with a moderate political view believes that?
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What is propagande?

Information, especially tailored to get people to believe in a political point of view about their believes in the war.

A PAC believes that it is buying when it contributes to an election?

A PAC (Political Action Committee) believes that when it contributes financially to a political campaign, it is essentially buying influence or support from the candidate or party they are supporting. In other words, they view their contributions as a means to gain favor or promote their own interests in the political process.

What was Edwin hubble political view?

political view

A person who adapts an anthropocentric view does what?

A person who adopts an anthropocentric view believes that humans are the central or most important beings in the universe. This perspective often values human interests and welfare above those of other species or the environment.

Is Judaism ethical or universal?

Judaism is both ethical (in that it attempts to create a moral person) and universal (in that it believes its world view applies to all people). Judaism is not an evangelizing faith, but believes that there are universal truths.

What is the current view of this person's life and accomplishments?

I bet the people still honors him and he was an awesome man. People still believes in him and likes what he did to our country.

What is Percy Jackson political view?

it's a fake why would he have a political view?

What Person interprets the constitution as allowing the federal government to take only those actions that the constitution specifically permits?

That person would have a 'strict' construction view of the Constitution. The other view is termed a 'loose' construction. The loose view believes if the Constitution doesn't prohibit the act (or law) it is okay.

Is Christianity the only world view that believes in absolute truths?


What is the moderate view on immigration?

they are giving out visas so they don't care

What do you call a person who doesn't accept other people's point of view?

if this is referring to cultural differences, the answer would be "ethnocentric". an ethnocentric person believes that their culture or way of doing things is the best, and possibly only way

What was the political view of Jackie Robinson?

he was unknown and he had no political views