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A government service equally open to all individuals

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Q: A supporter of Jacksonian democracy would favor the idea of?
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What strict constructionist would likely not be in favor of this exclusive power?

Liberals and conservatives would likely not be in favor of the exclusive power of Congress. It is referred to as the elastic clause.

Was the signing of the Mayflower Compact an example of direct democracy or indirect democracy?

The Mayflower compact would be a better example of Direct Democracy then Indirect Democracy. This is because the agreement was ment so that the British Gov could not easily control them as everyone would have a say in it and decide wether it was wise to let the Britsh Gov interfere. An Indirect demo would be where citizens would tell their elected official their opinions and he would report to the king. Our US gov is a good example of Indirect democracy though it also shares a few beliefs with Direct Democracy.

What best describe a direct democracy?

A direct democracy is a democracy that is controlled by direct voting. Whoever gets the most votes wins. Basically, the one with the most votes would get the Presidency.

Mayflower compact was an early example of what idea?

theset up a direct democracy,in which all men would vote, and the mayority would rule. the may flower compact established a tradition of direct democracy .

Why was democracy invented?

Democracy was invented so that the normal people (pesants) would also have a saying in politics not just the rich and famous. Without democracy much of the world that we know wouldยดnt be the same since WE ALL get to decide who rules our countries (for example: Trump would have won this years election because in america there are a lot more Republicans than demokrats) in conclusion be happy that we have it. end of story.

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Would supporters of Jacksonian democracy favor the idea of reduced military spending?


How were the candidates in the 1800 chosen for president?

In the Jeffersonian democracy presidential candidates would be chosen by caucuses that were held by political leaders. In a Jacksonian democracy the candidates would be chosen by conventions.

One can be a supporter of human rights without necessarily being a supporter of democracy. To what extent would you agree with this statement?

I wouldn't agree with that statement to any extant. Look at every country that isn't under a democracy or a republic, they have little to no human rights.

Why did napoleon not favor democracy?

democracy had only proved to slow government and governing down and had just led to the rise of the next would-be dictator.

What are some of President Andrew Jackson's notables?

Some of Jackson's notables would be the Jacksonian Democracy, Jackson's Indian Removal Act, the Spoils System and Jackson's war on the Banks

How would you describe a supporter?

a supporter is helpful to what is wanted to be done

Which person would have been most likely to have supported the ideals of jacksonian democracy if he had been alive at the time?

hehe we have the exact same question!! Unites States History 8th grade textbook huh?? Anyways,I think it would be John Locke.

Would someone who favors a democratic support a dictator?

it depends on how the person personally feels. not all dictators are evil people. if the person was to only slightly favor democracy then yes it is possible to favor a dictator. it is also possible to favor the dictator simply because he/she is doing a good job.

A technocrat would be a supporter of?


Why would you favor or oppose constitutional amendments?

I would favor constitutional amendments if they enhance individual rights, promote equality, or address pressing issues in society. On the other hand, I would oppose amendments that infringe on basic rights, discriminate against certain groups, or undermine the core principles of democracy.

Would a supporter of nationalism want to adopt the euro?

No! :)

Did the framers favor the democracy or republic?

Pure democracy essentially means that majority opinion rules; the Framers feared that this would oppress the rights of minorities. So, they provided a framework for a republican form of government, consisting of elected representatives.