Why was democracy invented?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Democracy was invented so that the normal people (pesants) would also have a saying in politics not just the rich and famous. Without democracy much of the world that we know would´nt be the same since WE ALL get to decide who rules our countries (for example: Trump would have won this years election because in america there are a lot more Republicans than demokrats) in conclusion be happy that we have it. end of story.

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Democracy was invented so that people would have a say in the rules and regulations. We can thank the Greeks for that!

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Q: Why was democracy invented?
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What ancient civilisation invented democracy?

Greece invented democracy and really how did you not know that LOL

Who invented democracy?

The people of Greece actually invented it.

Who invented direct democracy?

the romans

What Country invented Democracy?

the greeks

What type of government was invented in Greece?


Was the democracy in America the first democracy ever crated?

No, the ancient greek invented democracy and the first to use it. Democracy roughly translates to "the people rule" from greek

What was invented in ancient Greece?

Democracy and the western civilization!

What group of people invented democracy?

The Greeks are the first group of people to first use the phrase democracy.

Ancient Greek influence on democracy?

they did this by eating kababs and getting fat TOUVLO!^^^^^^ WRONG!

What city state invented democracy?

Have you know I am an expert at Greece, it was Athens.

When democracy was invented?

There may be earlier models, but the principle of democracy, which means rule by the people, dates to around the Sixth Century BC.

Does Greece have limited or unlimited government?

limited. The people of Greece invented democracy