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in my social studies book it says the battle in saratoga that got the French to help

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Q: After what battle did the french join the Americans during the revoulutionary war?
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How did the revoulutionary war begin?

too many taxes, battle of lexington and Concord, French and Indian War and Freedom

What was the Major defeat in Virginia during Revolutionary War?

The battle of Yorktown. The Americans and French defeated the British

What battle convinced the French to ally with the Americans?

The Battle of Saratoga.

Who won the battle of Yorktown the French or British?

Americans and french won the battle of Yorktown

Who were in the battle of Yorktown?

Americans and French against the British

Who helped aid the Americans after the battle at saratoga?


What battle did the Americans gain the support of the French?


Why was the battle of germantown so important?

the importance of the battle of Germantown was that the French saw what a brave fight that the Americans put together, this lead the French to becoming alliences with the Americans

What did the french do to help win the Yorktown Battle?

The french joined forces with the Americans in the battle of Yorktown. This is the most likely reason for the battle ending in surrender.

Which country help the Americans win the battle of Yorktown?


The agreed to openly aid the Americans after the battle of Saratoga.?

The French

What resulted in the french signing an alliance with the Americans?

The Battle of Saratoga