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Being a citizen of the United States means that when I reach the age of 18, I am able to vote. Back when George Washington was running for president, women were not allowed to vote. For all of the presidents up to Warren Harding, women were not allowed to vote for our country's leader. Now I am able to have a say in what I believe in, and reflect that in my choice for our president, all because of Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and many other radical women creating the Declaration of Sentiments. Understanding how I am able to vote is part of the reason of why I am going to vote every time I get a chance. Knowing what those women went through in order for me to vote, I am not going to take voting for granted.

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Q: As a citizen of the US what does history mean to you?
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What does it mean to be an American citizen in view of the history of rights and the Federal Constitution of US?

The US constitution confers no rights to Americans as citizens. It does however, do so for US citizens.

If you weren't born in the US how do you become a US citizen?

You have to take tests about the US history

Why do I have to know us history to be a US citizen?

Because the US government requires you to know US history in order to be naturalized- enough said.

Who has the right to vote in the us?

any us citizen 18 or over without history of a felony

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Do you mean to ask if the child is a US citizen? Depends on how long the US citizen parent has been resident in the US. Need five years after age 14 to qualify.

What are the questions on the test to become a US citizen?

Basically some basic US history and politics questions.

Can you give birth in the US if your boyfriend is a US citizen but you're not married?

Yes, but this does not make you automatically a US citizen, nor does it mean your child will be either.

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It means the person has been a US citizen since birth, typically because they are born in the US.

If someone was born in Alaska prior to statehood does that mean they are not a citizen of the US?

No, they are US Citizens.

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What does the constitution of the US mean to us?

it means freedom No it means there is a limit to the degree of control the state has over the citizen it does not mean freedom.