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isolated from Europe

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Q: Because of Russia's religion and geography the country was what in the 1600s?
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What are the advantages of living in a country with diverse physical geography?

Living in a country with a diverse physical geography offers many advantages such as the oppurnity to experience many different types of landscapes and climates. It also gives the people gives intimate relationship with the natural setting. Inhabitants develop characteristics for advantages to their land and a diverse physical geography allows a lot of development.

Are religions the source of conflict between country and people?

In some cases. The biggest war over religion was the crusades, but there have been many wars over religion in different places. The three faiths which have fought most over religion are, Islam, Judaism and Christianity. The thing I am confused about is why, all three of these religions worship the same God.

What are contries?

In geography, a country is a geographical region. The term is often applied to a political division or the territory of a state, or to a smaller, or former, political division of a geographical region. Usually, but not always, a country coincides with a sovereign territory and is associated with a state, nation and government.

What is a multistate nation?

A multi-state nation is an ethnic group that is not confined or concentrated in one political entity (a state). In geography, a country is not a nation, it is considered a state and a nation is considered to be an ethnic entity.

Why does development vary among countries?

There are several answers for this question. Why some countries remain underdeveloped according my experience is mainly due to the political constitution, the structure of the economy and the resources. A country becomes underdeveloped if it has a poor government. In a diverse country like mine, there are huge variations in land, cast, religion, resources, vegetation, etc, which results in disputes and instability. Then the resources. It is very much clear that a country with no profittable rsources will remain underdeveloped.

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Because of Russias religion and geography the country was in the 1600?

isolated from Europe

What Because of Russia's religion and geography the country was in the 1600s.?

isolated from Europe

What was the country in 1600 because of the Russia's religion and geography?

isolated from Europe

What was the country in the 1600s because of Russia's religion and geography?

isolated from Europe

Why Because of russia religion and geography the country was in the 1600's?

isolated from Europe

In what part of the country does most of russias population livewhy?

They mainly live in Northern Europeon Russia because this fertile area has Russia's mildest climate.

What country has lots of lakes NW of Russia?

Ummmm, Siberia? There is no country NW of russia. russias as high as it gets north.

How does geography related to the development and progress of the country?

Geography is related to the development of the country because a country's geographic features contribute to the economy. Some geographic locations allow for profitable agriculture, some for mining, and others for tourism.

How does the geography of Japan's bebefit the people in Japan?

The benefit of Japan's geography is that it is an island. The people benefit because their country is easier to defend and they a healthy diet of fish.

What country because of its religion has more livestock than any other country?


How does China's geography show diffrences within the large country?

because blank blank blank

Why do you have a different accent if your from a different country?

Because of religion and belief.