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Q: Both the stamp act and the townshend acts reultd in?
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How were Townshend Acts and Stamp Act similar?

they both placed a tariff

Both the stamp act and the Townshend act resulted in?

The colonies banded together to revolt against Britain as a result of the Townshend Acts. Charles Townshend created the Townshend Acts.

Why were the Townshend acts taken less serious than the stamp acts?


What chronological order do these 4 events belong in 'the sugar and stamp acts' 'the townshend acts' 'the Declaration of Independence' 'the American Revolution'?

The Sugar and Stamp Acts The Townshend Acts The American Revolution Begins The Declaration of Independence

What acts were included in the Intolerable Acts?

The 4 intolerable acts were the Stamp Act, Quartering Act, Townshend act, and the Tea Act.

How did the Stamp Acts and Townshend Acts differ?

townshed - you stop selling stuff usuaslly porno equipt stamp act - no foods stamp

How did the colonists respond to the stamp act and the townshend acts?

by responding

Which acts were passed to punish the colonies for rebelling against the stamp act?

Townshend acts

Both the stamp act and the townshend acts resulted in?

Colonial boycotts of British goods

What happened as a result of the sugar stamp and townshend acts?

The Revolutionary war

What happened when the British passed the Townshend acts?

the stamp act was repealed

Why did colonists oppose the stamp acts and the townshend acts?

Because they were sick and tired of paying taxes.