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Q: Bringing charges against the president or vice president is called?
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What is the process of bringing charges agaibst a president or any elected official called?


What is the process called of bringing charges against public official?

Civil Values

The bringing of charges against a public official that requires a majority (2/3) vote in the House of Representatives is called?


What is a charge of wrong doing filed against presidents?

Impeachment. Only the House of Representatives can impeach the president, and the impeachment is just the bringing of charges against the president. The Senate and the Senate alone then decides whether or not the president is guilty. Clinton was impeached, but was not found guilty by the Senate.

What is a person bringing a criminal lawsuit called?

A person bringing a criminal lawsuit is typically called a prosecutor or a plaintiff in some jurisdictions. They represent the government and are responsible for bringing charges against the accused individual in court.

What is the formal Charge By The House Against The President called?

A formal charge of wrongdoing by Congress against a President of the United States is called an impeachment.

Can the president be remove from office?

The president can be removed from office through a process informally called impeachment. . Actually impeachment by the House is only the first step. The house passes a bill of impeachment , giving the charges against the president. The Senate is then required to hold a trial based on these charges and make a verdict. Andrew Johnson and Clinton were both impeached but neither was convicted. Nixon resigned when faced with charges that were almost certain to lead to impeachment.

What is the buildup of electric charges on an object is called electricity?

The buildup of electric charges on an object is called static electricity. These charges can accumulate when two surfaces rub against each other and transfer electrons.

The assertion of innocence as a defense against malpractice charges is called?

release of tortfeasor

What it is called when Speaking against president of US?


What is it called if no charges are made?

If no charges are made, it is typically referred to as a "lack of prosecution" or "dismissal of charges." This means that the authorities have decided not to pursue legal action against the individual for the alleged offense.

What is called when a charges in an uncharged object are rearranged without direct contact with the charged object?

When charges in an uncharged object are rearranged without direct contact with a charged object, it is called charging by induction. This process involves bringing a charged object close to the uncharged object, causing the charges to redistribute within the uncharged object.