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The British had multiple criticisms of the colonies in 1763. They thought the colonial militia had been poorly trained. The colonies did not pay the war costs and General Washington did no obey orders to attach a French fort.

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Q: British criticism of the colonies in 1763?
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How did the british treat the colonis before 1763?

The British left the colonies mostly on their own before 1763.

How did the proclamation of 1763?

The British had power over the colonies

How did the Proclamation of 1763 start?

The British had power over the colonies

What year did the French surrender Quebec to the British?

Treaty of Paris 1763. French surrendered much of their colonies to the British and gave Louisiana to Spain.

Why were the British troops stationed in the British colonies after 1763?

To keep peace between the colonists and the Native Americans.

Pontiacs fierce attack on frontier outposts in 1763 had the effect of?

convincing the British to keep troops stationed in the colonies

Before 1763 the American colonies had been?

Heavily taxed by the British government.

Why were British soldiers stationed in the colonies after 1763?

to keep peace between the colonists and Native Americans

What marked the beginning of the political disputes between the British government and the American colonies?

proclamation of 1763

Political History in Rhode Island 1763?

In 1763, the British enacted many laws and acts in an attempt to maintain control of the colonies. Rhode Island had the most difficult time of any of the colonies because it was used to self-rule.

The British government tried to halt westward migration from the colonies by establishing the?

The Proclamation Line of 1763. It came from the treaty between Pontiac and the British government.

What natural feature marked the western boundary of british territory in 1763?

The Appalachian Mountains became the western boundary of the British colonies.