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Q: Can Americans change social classes
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Can you change your social class in the classes of the Aztec?

no you can change them

How did prosperity lead to the development of social classes?

Prosperity led to another major change in society~the development of social classes

How did the social classes change during the renaissance?

A middle class was created

What social study class do you take after African Americans studies?

their are no other classes to take in high school after that

How did prosperity lead to the development social class?

Prosperity led to another major change in society~the development of social classes

What has the author Yogendra Singh written?

Yogendra Singh has written: 'Social stratification and change in India' -- subject(s): Social conditions, Social classes

How did social classes change society?

because now they had a goverment , and that changed the civilization in a huge way

Did apache people have social classes?

No there were no social classes in the Apache tribe.

What has the author Norval D Glenn written?

Norval D. Glenn has written: 'The Negro population in the American system of social stratification' -- subject(s): Social conditions, African Americans, Social classes 'Blacks in the United States' -- subject(s): Afro-Americans, African Americans 'Hooking up, hanging out, and hoping for Mr. Right'

What are the differences between China social classes and Egypt social classes?


What is difference between open system and close system of social stratification?

An open system of social stratification allows for social mobility and the potential for individuals to move between social classes. In contrast, a closed system of social stratification rigidly maintains boundaries between social classes, making it difficult or impossible for individuals to change their social status.

How did the social structure change in the late 1800?

Instead of nobles and pleasents, a more complex social structure emerged, made up of three classes.