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most likely not

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Q: Can a person with a criminal conviction which occurred more than ten years go be qualified to run for political office in the Caribbean?
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Which of the following is still a valid reason for denying someone the right to vote in an American election?

criminal conviction

What part of the US Constitution mandate the right to an appeal of a criminal conviction?

What part of the U.S. Constitution mandates the right to an Appeal of a criminal conviction?

What will you get sent to prison for?

Conviction for a criminal act.

Can you get a visa extension if you have a criminal conviction?

Probably not.

How does commission of a criminal offense differ from conviction of a criminal offense?

the commission is the act of doing, a conviction is the act of being found guilty of doing by a court.

Will a contempt of court conviction show on a criminal background check?

Yes, a contempt of court conviction can show up on a criminal background check as it is considered a criminal offense.

How does a criminal conviction affect ones ability to adopt kids?

A criminal conviction does not necessarily mean that you cannot adopt a child. If your conviction had nothing to do with offenses against children or violence then you would still be able to adopt.

What is Jerry Sandusky's political views?

Jerry Sandusky, a former Penn State assistant football coach, has not publicly disclosed his political views. His criminal conviction for child sexual abuse overshadows any information regarding his political affiliations or stance on political issues.

Is a criminal record the same thing as the criminal complaint?

No, a criminal record is not the same thing as a criminal complaint. A complaint is an accusation, which may or may not result in a conviction. Only a conviction of a crime will result in a criminal record. If someone has complained about you, that does not in itself make you guilty of a crime.

What are criminal courts?

criminal court cases are just specific court cases which deal with the conviction of a criminal...or release.

Can you get into the UK if you have a criminal conviction?

If its been spent, yes.

What criminal conviction will stop you from entering Australia?