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yes:just think about Abraham Lincoln and the slaves:he freed them

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Q: Can freedom be given or taken away?
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How would a bill of attainder threaten a person's freedom?

It would do this because people have freedoms and now they are being taken away

What is term referred to when power is taken away from central and state government and given to local government?


What tricks did emperors play to make smaller kingdoms as a part of their kingdom?

They just invaded or took away the lands from the men who held them. Often land holdings were given as rewards for services, but what is given can be taken away.

What is the term for the rights that all people should have?

inalienable (cannot be transferred to another or others) or unalienable rights (Not to be separated, given away, or taken away; inalienable)

What right can't be taken away?

There are not any rights that can be taken away. Rights, natural rights as distinguished from civil rights or statutory rights, are inherent in people and not preexist governments therefore governments can not grant those rights, then governments can take those rights away. When it appears that governments do, that appearance lacks the proper perspective. When governments take away the natural rights of people they did so because those people surrendered their rights. The tapestry of freedom has long since been stained with the blood of those across the world, through out history who dared stand tall and defend their rights. Untold millions of people throughout history as do today, living in substandard conditions in some prison because they dared to stand tall and fight for freedom. For those people, despite the governments best efforts, no rights were taken away, only disparaged, abrogated and derogated, but never taken away.

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What can not be taken away?

hope can not be taken, it can only be given

Can some rights be taken away?

Once/If you are put in a correctional institute (Prison), many of your rights, such as freedom will be taken away.

What are 3 human rights which are so basic they cannot be taken away?

Freedom of religion, freedom of speech and freedom of the press

How were civil liberties compromised during ww1?

Their freedom of speech and freedom of press where taken away.

Why shouldn't slave owners own slaves?

Because every human is born with god given rights. They have the rights that were given to then by god and can not be taken away by people and used as property. Every person has freedom and rights.

Can the freedom of religion be taken away?

Yes; the Soviets are an example of this happening.

How could freedom be taken away?

the answer is yes because the person could be a felon ]

What is a right vs privilege?

A right is something you are born with and die with. Something that you notice is gone when it's taken away. For example, in America, we have freedom of speech, which means that we have the right to speak out for what we believe in. We would know if we didn't have that right if it was taken away.

Do you really KNOW what the word 'inalienable' means?

Unable to be taken away from or given away by the possessor

Would ideas of freedom and justice and goodness have to be diminished or curtailed?

no freedoms should be taken away

Why did Germany want to control other nations?

Because their Freedom was taken away in the WWI by the Treaty of Versailles

What was one of Toussaints fears?

He was afraid of people's freedom getting taken away and of slavery coming back