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No, they are separate but equal bodies. Each body has specific functions that cannot be undertaken by the other body.

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No, not by themselves. In order to override a presidential veto, both the House of Representatives AND the Senate must pass the measure by a two-thirds vote.

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Q: Can the House of Representatives overrule the President in decisions?
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Which part of congress makes the law and approves it?

Senators, Representatives, or the President.

Why can't the president just make his own decisions about everything?

Because in the constitution it clearly explains that it has to go through the House of Representatives, and then the Senate.

Does the vice president serve as House of Representatives?

No, the vice president does not serve as a member of the House of Representatives. The vice president's role is to preside over the Senate and to cast a vote in case of a tie. The House of Representatives is a separate legislative body with its own members.

Is the Speaker the leader in the Senate or House of Representatives?

The Speaker of the House is the leader of the House of Representatives. The President of the Senate (who is also the Vice President) is the leader of the Senate.

Which president was a member of the House of Representatives after his term as president?

The president John Quincy Adams served in the house of representatives after his term as president. He was president from 1825 to 1829 and served in the house from 1831 to 1848 for the state of Massachusetts.

Which house puts the president on trial?

the house of representatives

How are the House of Representatives elected?

By the president

Which house has the sole right to impeach the president for wrongdoing?

The House of Representatives has the sole power to impeach federal officials in the US.

Who runs the house of representatives?

the vice president

Who becomes president if the vice president cant be president?

The Speaker of the House of Representatives

Who becomes the president if the president or vice-president can't?

The Speaker of the House of Representatives

What is the role of the vise president in the house of representatives?

The vice-president has no role in the House of Representatives. He serves as president pro tem of the Senate, casting deciding votes in the case of deadlock.