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Congress can only conduct impeachment proceedings against the President. The House of Representatives votes whether to impeach (bring charges against), and the Senate conducts a trial to determine whether the President should be removed from office. This is purely a political process, and carries no penalty other than removal.

Congress cannot bring criminal or civil charges against the President or put him (or her) on trial in any other sense of the word. A US President may be tried in the courts for personal wrongdoing under the same conditions as any other citizen.

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The House of Representatives has the power to put the president on trial. The Senate holds the trial and acts as the jury.

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Q: Can the US Congress put the President on trial?
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Did The impeachment trial of Andrew Johnson was the first time the US Congress attempted to remove an American President from office?


Who presides over an impeached trial for the president of the US?

The chief justice of the US presides of the trial if the president is impeached.

What requirements for a president differ congress requirements?

The US President must be a US citizen, naturally born on US soil. Congress does not have this requirement.

Under the US constitution what congressional chamber has the power to try an impeached government official?

The trial of an impeached official (President, Vice President, cabinet official, member of Congress, or Federal judge) would take place in the US Senate.

How the president and the congress of the US elected?

THE president is elected by the electrol college. Congress is elected by the people

What president was elected to both the US and confederate congress?

There was no confederate congress so there was no president elected from both.

What US president signed the act of congress admitting Mississippi to the US?

US President James Monroe signed the act of the US Congress that admitted Mississippi into the US. This came about in 1817.

what branch of government has been given the power to impeach the president of the US?

The legislative branch holds the powers of impeachment of the President. The House of Representatives is tasked with bringing forth charges. The Senate is tasked with holding the trial of impeachment.

Together Congress the President and the US Supreme Court make up what?

Congress, the President and the US Supreme Court are the leaders of the three branches of the US Government: Congress = Legislative Branch President = Executive Branch Supreme Court = Judicial Branch

Was John Adams in Congress before he became President?

He was in the Continental Congress but not the US Congress. The US Congress did not exist before Adams became Vice-President under Washington.

Are the us supreme court justices elected by the us congress?

Not the whole Congress. There are nominated by the President and approved by the US Senate.

If the president wishes to resign to whom should he address the resignation?

By Act of Congress (Not the US Constitution) the President's letter of resignation goes to the US Secretary of State.