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The US President must be a US citizen, naturally born on US soil. Congress does not have this requirement.

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Q: What requirements for a president differ congress requirements?
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Why can a member of congress not become the president?

They can become president if they meet the requirements and get elected. There age requirements are different as well as the citizenship requirements.

Who may impose hybrid rulemaking requirements?

president and congress

The president and congress differ in their?

Election cycle, Constituencies, and Constitutional Powers.

What are the educational requirements in the Constitution for the members of Congress and the Vice President?

There are no Educational Requirements. Only age and citizenship.

What can congress do to counteract the president and what can the president do to counteract congress?

President can veto congress can override veto if they have enough votes

Does the power to set suffrage requirements rest with the Congress?


What happen if both houses of congress pass a bill and the president does nothing and congress is at recess?

In that situation the bill is considered vetoed and is of no effect. This is called the President's "pocket veto." For a bill to become law the President must do two things. He must sign it and return it to Congress within 10 days of passage. A bill, whether signed by the President or not, cannot be returned to Congress if it is in recess. If Congress recesses before the President signs and returns the bill it cannot be returned; therefore the two requirements for a bill to become law cannot be met. When this happens, if Congress wants the bill passed, Congress will introduce another version of the bill, pass it and send it to the President who would then have to formally veto it or sign and return it.

What are the president's and congress' roles?

Congress has the task of passing the laws and the President is charged with carrying them out and enforcing them. Congress appropriates the federal funds and the president spends them. Congress sets the taxes and the president collects them.

As drafted by the Second Continental Congress the Articles of Confederation established the?

a. process of electing representatives to the Congress. b. three branches of the United States government. c. requirements for being president of the Congress. d. first national government of the United States.

Who was the president of second continental congress?

The president of the Second Continental Congress was Peyton Randolph.George Washington

How can a President check acts of Congress?

A President can veto an Act of Congress.

What powers does congress have over a president?

What power does congress have over a president?