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Yes, they are legal tender.

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Q: Can you spend a presidential coin?
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How much is a dollar coin 1817-1825?

The coin is just a 2008 James Monroe presidential dollar, the dual date is his term in office. It's a dollar, spend it.

Can you sell a coin of a US dollar coin of the second president of the us?

No. It's a coin from the current Presidential Dollars series and is only worth $1. Hundreds of millions have been made; just spend it.

What is the valueof a JamesBuchaman 1 dollar gold coin?

It's just one of the current circulating Presidential dollar coins. The coin IS NOT gold, it's brass. Unless it is a Proof coin, it's a spend it.

How much is a coin with john Taylor on one side and statue of liberty on back?

The coin is just one of the newer (2009) Presidential dollar coins and it's John TYLER not Taylor. Spend it.

What is the value of a US 1 dollar presidential coin?

Any that you get in change are worth only face value. There are billions of them so feel free to spend it.

James Madison Presidential Coin?

Just the Mint issue uncirculated coins have very small premiums above face value. If it's from the bank or change, spend it.

US dollar 2009 presidential coin?

It's a circulating coin, a dollar

What are the gold presidential coinsworth?

None of the Presidential dollars are made of gold, no US circulating coin is gold, it's just a one dollar coin.

How much is 1 coin1789-1797 liberty upside down worth gold dollar Washington it has in god you trust on the rim?

You have a 2007 US $1 dollar Presidential coin so spend it.

What is the value of 1789 presidential head coin sets?

There were no coin sets made in 1789.

What is the value of a James Garfield gold coin?

James Garfield $1 Presidential Coin

Who can coin and spend money?

Congress has the power to coin money.