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Q: Checks on presidential power often come in the form of which is influenced by the mass media?
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What are two ways in which the mass media has contributed to candidate centered presidential campaigns?

The media is often referred to as the "4th" branch of government, therefore they play a crucial role in the Presidential Campaigns. The media allows the candidates to get their name to a wider audience, as well as bring down their opponents through "mudslinging".

Often called the father of the American revolution this man's writings influenced the American revolutionaries?

Thomas Paine was called the father of the American revolution. His writings influenced the American revolutionaries.

What is the best example of checks and balances?

The system of checks and balances is used to keep the government from getting too powerful in one branch. Often this represents a circular arrangement, for example:- The executive branch can veto bills from the legislative, but- The legislative can override the veto.Executive Branch1. The President is the commander-in-chief of the army and the navy, but only Congress can declare war.2. The President nominates judges.3. The President can veto congressional legislation.Legislative Branch1. Congress approves presidential nominations.2. Congress controls the budget.3. Congress can pass laws over the president's veto.4. Congress can impeach the president and remove him/her from office.5. The Senate confirms the president's nominations (for judges, etc.).Judicial Branch1. The Court can declare laws unconstitutional.2. The Court can declare presidential acts unconstitutional.

how has the development of mass media influenced the American culture?

Mass media has had a tremendous impact on American culture. - Mass media unified the countries culture, now, a person in California can see the same shows and people as a person in New York or Texas. -It has eroded local culture- with the rise of mass media and an overall pop culture, some people began to lose interest in the local customs and traditions of their region. - It has eroded faith in the government and established institutions- Before, people's opinions of the government had been largely based on what the government and the people around them were telling them. Now every time the government gets caught in a scandal it is quickly broadcasted to every person in America. - It has displaced traditional forms of entertainment- Now Americans often go see a movie or watch tv instead of going to see a play.

What happens if a senator loses the presidential election?

Many US Senators have run for President without resigning their Senate seats. Those who have often run in their state's next US Senate election.

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The way members of an audience interpret the media is often influenced by social characteristics such as occupation race education and income?

TRUE 100%

What is the vice presidential candidate called during the presidential campaign?

The vice presidential candidate is often referred to as the running mate of the presidential candidate during the campaign.

How often do you elect a president and vice president?

Presidential and Vice-presidential terms are 4 years.

How often do presidential dollars come out?

Every 3 months a new presidential dollars are released.

How does the media portray immigrants?

The media portrays immigrants in a variety of ways, often influenced by stereotypes and biases. Some media outlets depict immigrants as criminals or burdens on society, while others highlight their contributions and cultural richness. It's important to consume news and information from diverse sources to get a more balanced and accurate representation of immigrants.

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On January 20 at noon in the year following the most recent Presidential election.

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Can congress approve presidential appointments?

Yes and mOst often they have to