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the satanic pink people (whites) exploted africans becouse of their greedy selfishness ,unsempasy un human one day you will pay for what you did

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They were called Loyalists.

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Q: Colonist who wanted to stay under the rule of England?
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Who is the colonist who wanted to stay under the rule of England Between 1750-1783 in the revolutionary war.?


Who was a colonist who wanted to stay under the rule of england?

It wasn't just one colonist, it was several. These colonist were referred to as loyalists because they wanted to stay loyal to the king for various reasons.

How are patriots different from loyalists?

Patriots wanted a separation from England's rule, while Loyalists wanted to stay under England's rule.

The Declaration of Independence was written to?

It was written to declare independence from England. It declared that the colonist were no longer under british rule.

What happened in battle of langport?

fairfax wanted parliament to rule south west England fairfax wanted parliament to rule south west England

What sort of action was the Declaration of Independenc?

To declare/state that the conlonies were no longer under England's rule. They wanted to separate and become independent.

What is Thomas Paine trying to tell the colonists and soldiers?

Thomas Paine was trying to tell the colonist to go to war with Britianby writing "Comon sense" . He wanted the 13 colonies to have freedom from british rule and taxes.

What was the name of a group who wanted England to rule the colonists?

The Loyalists

What was the major objections that the british colonist in north American had with English rule?

denied the rights of citizens who lived in England

How is England run?

By a Government under rule by a Monarchy

How did England change under the rule of William the Conqueror?


What king united England?

England became unified under the rule of King Æthelstan and his predecessors.