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England did rule over the Americans at one point in history and they wanted freedom so they went to war

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Q: What would England have to do to win the American Revolution War?
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How effective was the American Revolution?

Not very effective as the civil war, but the American revolution was important because it was the war that gave up Independence from England.

What was the name of the war between America and England in 1812?

American revolutionary war and or it can just be called the American revolution

What nations were in the American revolution war?

England, America, Spain, and France

What European nation supported the American revolution with military aid?

France supported the American revolution (they were already at war with England at the time).

Was the American Revolution a peoples war?

Yes because if the American revolution war wasn't a people war then who would fight animals

What date did the french enter the American Revolution?

They didn't directly. England was involved in a war with France when the American revolution began. It was mostly the French war that prevented England from sending enough manpower over to crush the colonists rebellion.

Representative body of England during the American revolution?

During the Revulutionary War, the king died.

What war against England was President George Washington Commander in Chief of the army?

American revolution

What did disagreements between England and America led to?

the revolutionary war the revolutionary war the American revolution is the right answer not the two up there

Which war was first Civil War American Revolution Mexican American War or War of 1812?

American Revolution

How would life be different if England would have lost the revolutionary war?

England did win the American Revolutionary War.

What countries provided aid to England in American revolution?

England was pretty much on its own. Most of Europe had fought a war with England at sometime or other and were enemies of England and only to glad to help the American Colonists.