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an override

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Q: Congress can pass legislation over a president's veto with?
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Did Obama ever pass any legislation?

Presidents cannot pass legislation. It is congress that makes the laws, and then the president either signs them or vetoes them. But presidents can and do encourage congress to pass certain bills; President Obama, like all presidents before him, has had a number of pieces of legislation he wanted congress to pass. In some cases, they did; in others, they did not.

Can congress pass a law over the presidents veto?

Congress can pass a BILL over the President's veto making it a law.

Does the Supreme Court pass legislation?

No. Congress passes legislation.

Is a three fourths vote required for congress to pass a bill over the presidents veto?


Should Congress have the power to pass a bill over the presidents veto?

Congress DOES have the power to pass a bill into law over a Presidential veto.

Congress has the power to pass legislation while the president has veto power over legislation The supreme court has the power of judicial review. Is this a struggle?


What does congress have to pass?

Tonkin gulf Resolution

How can Congress undo a president's unilateral action?

Congress can pass new legislation

Does the US president have any right to legislate?

Absolutely not. The constitution is very clear about that: the President can ask, suggest, bully or beg Congress to legislate, but only the Congress can write (and pass) a law. The president can veto any legislation he doesn't like, which makes it harder for Congress to pass it, but it is still possible to pass legislation over the President's objection.

How many presidents have never passed a budget?

All. Presidents do not pass budgets. Congress does.

Why do presidents have to make laws with congress?

Actually, presidents do not make the laws. Only congress can make the laws. Presidents will promote or push their priorities and try to encourage congress to turn those priorities into laws. Presidents need to work closely with congress, since no bills will pass unless congress agrees to pass them, no matter how much a president might want something done.

What does congress pass?

Legislation. The procedure for doing this is spelled out in Article I of the Constitution.