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The chief legislature is the role the President is fulfilling when the President proposes a highway construction bill to Congress and then pressures lawmakers to pass the proposed legislation.

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Q: The president proposes a highway construction bill to congress and then pressures lawmakers to pass the proposed legislation which role is the president fulfilling?
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. The President proposes a highway construction bill to Congress and then pressures lawmakers to pass the proposed legislation. Which role is the President fulfilling?

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What is the role of the president in passing legislation?

The president doesn't pass laws. Congress passes the laws, but the president is involved in the lawmaking process, too. That is why he can make all of those campaign promises while he is running for office. If elected, he will have the opportunity to influence the passage of many new laws. He and any US citizen can introduce a law but congress can dismiss the introduction when voted upon. Once a law pass through congress and both houses vote on it the the law is sent to the president, the president then signs it. But the president also have power over this he/she can veto it (refuse to endorse it) or pocket (which means sit on it until it expires and the law does not pass)

What are the tools the president uses to influence the implementation of legislation?

Presidents can lobby their party members to support their legislative agendas. Residents can also discuss the benefits of their legislative agenda with the citizenry as a way of ensuring greater support from the grassroots.

Examples of s-tv-do?

=some lawmakers questioned the president's decision=

Who pass legislation?


Who vetoes legislation?

the president can

Different functions of the president and congress in passing legislation?

Congress passes the legislation while the president can sign or veto it.

Can the president recommend legislative?

Yes, the President can recommend legislation.

Who approves or veto legislation?

The president.

Which situation best represents the president acting in the role of chief legislator?

vetoing a law that expands federal spending

Which person would most likely use persuasion?

A president speaking to lawmakers in support of a new bill

Outline form of making the law?

Legislation: Drafting a proposed law by lawmakers. Debate: Discussion and amendment of the proposed law in legislative chambers. Voting: Lawmakers vote on the final version of the proposed law. Enactment: The approved law is signed by the relevant authority (e.g. president or governor). Implementation: The law is put into effect by relevant agencies or authorities. Enforcement: Monitoring and ensuring compliance with the law.