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Both the Senate and the House.

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Q: Decides on the qualifications of its members?
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Who is the judge of elections of members in congress?

Each house is the judge of elections, returns, and qualifications of members in Congress.

What house judges the qualifications of its own members?

Neither. The constitution gives the qualifications.

What powers does the senate have over the election and qualifications of its members?

Each house of Congress has the power which was established through the U.S. Constitution to judge the elections returns, and qualifications of its members. The Senate created its own practices for judging the qualifications of its members in contested elections. This practice began in 1789.

Who determine the qualifications of members of congress?

The eligibility for members of Congress are spelled out in the Constitution, like those of the President. The qualifications however depend largely on the voters.

How do members of the house differ from members of the senate?

in number, length of term, and required qualifications

what are the educational qualifications of members of lok sabha?

minimam gradute

Where are the qualifications of the cabinet members located?

They are based on the confidence of the President

Who decides how much to pay for taxes?

the legislative branch decides, that is - the elected members of Congress and the House,as signed and approved by the President.

What happens if committee members decides they don't like a bill?

They kill it

What group of 538 members decides who became the President of the US?

electoral college

Which allows the House to judge the qualifications and election results of its own members?

The Constitution

Which allows the house to judge the qualifications and election result of its own members?

The Constitution