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No he did not, but that was because it was not in his power to do so. He was of the Federalist philosophy, but the Federalists were not an organized political party like today's parties are. Essentially the Federalist and Republican party (of Jefferson and Madison) were just men of like-minded philosohies who worked together to make the government into what they thoguht it should be. As far as stopping political parties from happening, not only was it beyond anyone's ability, but it might have been considered unconstitutional under the First Amendment, as violating free speech and assembly and redress of government.

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Q: Did George Washington do anything to stop political parties from forming?
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Is it true that George Washington favored the system of political parties?

Actually George Washington was extremely against the use of the political system. Washington himself didn't involve himself in a political party and in his farewell address, he warned against the political party system and stressed that the United States should stay neutral in order to survive.

What political party read into the Constitution?

In 1789 there were no political parties. In fact Washington warned about the formation of parties and how they would put their interests before the common good of the people. Looks like he was right.

American leaders wanted to keep factions from forming but differing views between two of Washington's chief advisors Hamilton and Jefferson discouraged the growth of political parties.?

No. If anything, differing views between Hamilton's and Jefferson's supporters encouraged the growth of political parties.

Did Thomas Jefferson and George Washington had opposing political views that led to the creation of two political parties.?

No. Washington didn’t believe in political parties and there weren’t political parties in 1789.

What was George Washington relationship with political parties in early America?

He deplored partisan politics and political parties.

What is Washington's position or political parties?

Washington was against having political parties. He could see that they were divisive and created disunity in the country.

Why did Washington condemn political parties in his farewell address?

He believed that political parties were dangerous to the reupublic

What was Washington views of political parties?

Political parties were something of a surprise- they began to form sometime after Washington was elected and overall he did not like the idea.

Did Washington approve of political parties?

George Washington

What was George Washington's political affiliations?

George Washington was a "Federalist," although in his time, there weren't clear-cut political parties. Washington himself was set against any divisions brought on by political parties.

How did Washington fell about political parties?

he did not like them

Who thought political parties were bad for the government?

George Washington is noted for warning against political parties.