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Yes, they tried to stop the fighting and maintain peace.

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Q: Did Iroquois formed the Iroquois confederacy to become more powerful?
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How did the government formed by the Iroquois confederacy help keep peace?

To keep the peace the Iroquois Confederacy developed the Great Law. It was more than a set of rules it was also a set of guidelines. They also set up a Grand Council that made decisions through discussion and compromise.

Why did the Iroquois form the Confederacy?

To help the Iroquois stay protected against others (text book answer). To expand on this, the Iroquois Confederation was formed on August 31st 1142 (by records of a solar event). It was formed with the intention of "Gayanashagowa" (Great Law of Peace) in an attempt by those tribes to ensure peaceful relations between all tribes of the area and a larger tribal response to any attack on one of its smaller tribes. The Continental Congress formally invited the Iroquois Confederation to aid them in development of the United States Government (US Constitution) on June 11th 1776.

Why was the Albany congress formed?

to try to secure the support and cooperation of the Iroquois in fighting the French, and to form a colonial alliance based on a design by Benjamin Franklin. The plan of union was passed unanimously.

What year was the confederacy founded?

The Confederate States of America was formed on February 4, 1861 after some Southern states decided to secede or leave the Union. i do believe it was actually february 8th.

What kind of military force did the Confederation government have?

The Confederate States of America (the Confederacy) fielded both an army and a Navy. Their navy (CSN) was formed by the Confederate government on 21 Feb 1861, with the army (CSA) following in 28 Feb 1861. Stephan R Mallory was their Sect of the Navy, while Confederate President Jefferson Davis functioned as the Sect of the Army until he turned over command to Gen Robert E. Lee.