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Q: Did James you attempt to arrest his House of Commons enemies and cause English Revolution?
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What events to have caused the revolutionary government to execute the king?

Supposing you mean the French Revolution: the King's failed flight from France to seek refuge with France's enemies caused him and his family to be imprisoned. A little later, the French Revolution radicalized into the period called The Terror. During that period, tens of thousands of people, many of them aristocrats, were killed as 'enemies of the Revolution'; the King and Queen were among them.

Who was in cultural revolution?

The cultural revolution is where China's president and chairman of the Comminist Party tried to change China's culture and traditions. Mao Zedong (or Mao Tse-tung) and Ling Biao were the leaders of the Cultural Revolution from 1966 to 1977. The Red Guards were the activists who were very cruel and brutal to anyone they considered as enemies of the revolution and not pro-communists enough.

Who was targeted in the reign of terror?

It did not discriminate by age, sex or social status.While intended to seek out the enemies of the French Revolution, it was often used against political opponents and to settle old grudges.The Reign of Terror was between September of 1793 and July of 1794. This period of violence marked the beginning of the French Revolution. During this time internal and external enemies of the Republic were executed, usually by guillotine. A small portion were of the wealthy class, but a majority were the lower classes accused of hoarding and evading the draft.

What did the French do in the American Revolution?

The French allied themselves with the Americans, thus requiring the British to fight two enemies at one time instead of just one.

What was Robespierre's goal during the Reign of Terror?

His goal in the French Revolution was to execute all the corruption in France. He had the King and Queen beheaded, and he did public displays of torture or killings. He made theses killings as a sort of show almost. During this time it was called "The Reign of Terror", later Robespeirre was also beheaded.

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Who was being guillotined during the French Revolution?

Enemies of the Revolution.

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What are the names of the people that were enemies to the French Revolution?

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Who were the Normans enemies?

The English

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What was the high treason that King Louis XVI did?

Correspondence with the enemies of the Nation, and an attempt to escape to their protection

What European country did not help us during your revolution?

Britain did not help us during the Revolution. The British were our enemies, so we were going against them.

Who were Robin Hood's enemies?

Robin Hood's enemies included the Sheriff of Nottingham, Prince John, and other corrupt officials who oppressed the poor and exploited the common people. Additionally, rival outlaws and criminals may have also posed a threat to Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men.

Who were the Spanish enemies with?

The French, English, Swedish, and the Ottomans

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