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Before. Truman was Roosevelt's VP. When Roosevelt died in 1945, Truman was sworn in as president.

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Q: Did Roosevelt come before or after Truman?
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Who was Franklin D Roosevelt's vice president that was an Truman opponent?

Henry Wallace was the VP just before Truman and he still had supporters at the 1944 convention where Truman was picked to run with Roosevelt.

What party chose Truman as Roosevelt's vice president?

The Democratic Party chose Truman and Roosevelt.

Were Herbert Hoover Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman Republicans?

Hoover was Republican; Roosevelt and Truman were Democrats.

Who was the US President before Harry Truman?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt preceded Truman as the President of the United States. Being Vice President, Truman first became President when Roosevelt died in office just a few weeks after his fourth inauguration, in his fourth month of office.

US president during the yalta conference?

As Roosevelt died before the Potsdam conference, Truman, his vice president took over.

Was Harry Truman Franklin Delano Roosevelt's vice president?

Truman was the vice-president under Franklin Roosevelt for about three months when FDR died and Truman became the President in April of 1945.

Who was the US president when ww II ended?

Harry Truman was the U.S President in office when WWII was officially over. Franklin Roosevelt died of a heart attack in Warm Springs, Georgia just four months before the war ended.

How many US president came before Harry S. Truman?


What actors and actresses appeared in Roosevelt and Truman - 1977?

The cast of Roosevelt and Truman - 1977 includes: Art Evans as Roosevelt Richard Karron as Richie Philip Michael Thomas as Truman Ilka Tanya Payan as Juanita

Why did Harry Truman take over as president for president Roosevelt?

Because president Roosevelt died of cancer. Truman was his vice-President, so constitutionally he then succeeded Roosevelt.

What are the release dates for Roosevelt and Truman - 1977 TV?

Roosevelt and Truman - 1977 TV was released on: USA: 25 May 1977

Why did president Truman replace president Roosevelt?

President Roosevelt died