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The weapon used by John Wilkes Booth to kill President Abraham Lincoln was a Philadelphia Derringer pistol/dagger. The weapon was a small sized pistol that could be concealed in a pocket.

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It can be described in simplest terms as a small single-shot muzzle-loading pistol most commonly referred to as a Philadelphia derringer.

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Q: Did booth use a pistol to kill Lincoln?
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What did John w booth use to kill Lincoln?

He used a pistol to kill Abraham Lincoln

What kind of gun did john Wilkes booth use to kill lincoln?

He used a Derringer pistol.

What gun did john Wilkes booth use 2 kill Lincoln?

A Smith and Wesson 350 A

How do you use advisory in a sentence?

Booth was an advisory of Lincoln.

WHY did john booth use a darengger to kill Lincoln?

It's spelled "Derringer," and it was a popular gun for assassins because of its small size, making it easy to conceal.

What does execute with a pistol mean?

Either to kill with a pistol or hit said target with a pistol. It basically means use a pistol.

What type of gun did John Wilkes Booth use to assassinate us president abrahman Lincoln?

A .44 caliber derringer.A small pistol called a Philadelphia Derringer.

What kind of knife did John Wilkes Booth use?

It was a .44 caliber single shot percussion Philadelphia Derringer which is on display at the Ford's Theatre Museum in Washington, DC.

What did princip use to kill Ferdinand?

A Browning M1910 .32 caliber automatic pistol

What did he use to shoot Abraham Lincoln with?

He used a rifle but when someone tried to stop the John Wilkes Booth (the person who killed Lincoln) he picked up a knife and shuved it in his arm. (not Abe Lincoln's arm the person who was trying to save him.)

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