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I assume that you are talking about the "middle colonies" in colonial North America that consisted of Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York, and New Jersey . They did live there and mostly worked on the larger farms and estates, either as household staff of as field workers.

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Slaves were property and owned by another person. You can not confuse indentured servitude to slavery. I am not sure what "middle region " you ask about.

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Q: Did enslaved people and indentured servants live in the middle region and if so what were their roles?
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What is the difference between enslaved people and indentured servant?

Indentured servants work less then enslaved people, they get more breaks then the slaves.

What were the social classes in colonial Connecticut?

There were several different social classes in Colonial Connecticut. At the top was the gentry, these were the upper class. Next came the middle class, followed by farmers, free black people, enslaved house servants, and enslaved field hands.

Which of these people were in Nathaniel bacons army?

Nathaniel Bacon's army during Bacon's Rebellion in 1676 consisted of a diverse group of individuals. It included indentured servants, enslaved Africans, poor whites, and some Native Americans.

Which people made a contract to work in exchange for transportation to the American colonies?

indentured servants

What two groups of people worked on the large farm?

The farmers and the farm workers worked on the large farm.

Colonists who agreed to work for another in return for passage to America were called?

Indentured servants, also known as bondsmen and bondswomen.

How are slaves different to indentured servants?

Slaves are owned by other people. Indentured servants signed a 7 year contract and were free people.

What colony or colonies have indentured servants?

all of the colonies had indentured servitude and i think people still do it

What reasons did some people have for becoming indentured servants?

It was/is ( yes there are still indentured servants) a method to have their passage paid for to the colonies. They had many reasons to leave.

Some planters viewed indentured servants as?

Some planters viewed indentured servants as a source of cheap labor to help grow crops and increase profits. They preferred indentured servants over slaves as they were a more temporary and less expensive labor force.

What is the difference between an indentured servant and a slave maid?

The difference between an indentured servant and a enslaved person is that enslaved people are forced to work with no special teatment but the indentured servants agree to work for a certain amout of time (mostly 7 years) and their owners will give the food,clothes,housing and voyage to America inexchange for do their work.That is the difference between indentured servant and enslaved people

How were indentured servants different then slaves?

Indentured servants were free white people who were working off Passage to the new world. Slave were people who were owned by another person and were considered property and not human.