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No. There was the attempt, and hope that it would give freedom to all people. However, even after laws and papers were written, there was still enslavement and captivity of people.

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Q: Did state constitutions give freedom to all people?
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How the state constitution resemble the constitution?

The various state constitutions resemble the US constitution in that they give rights and freedoms to the people in that state. The difference is that state constitutions are much more specific compared to the general US constitution. Also most state constitutions have been amended thousands of times, where as the US constitution has 27 amendments. Rights and Freedoms to citizens are the similarities More specific and more easily changed are the differences

What is the us constitutions stance on people assembling on private property?

the constitution does not give the right to assemble on private property.

What did Alexander give to the Greek people?

freedom of the preson

Did Genghis Khan give his people religious freedom?

Yea he did

How did Reconstruction punish the south?

The southern states had to allow Blacks to vote and give them more rights in their new constitutions. They also could not vote or represent themselves in politics until they finished their state constitutions and proved their royalty with Lincoln's "Ten Percent Plan."

What are the democratic republicans beliefs?

to give more power to the people by letting more people vote and favored freedom of speech and press.

What did the war give to the people of america?

The Revolutionary war gave freedom to the people of America.

What are the elements of a state give and discuss?

# people - refers to the inhabitants or the population of the state that comprises its citizens. # territory - is the fixed portion of the surface of the earth inhabited by the people of the state. # government - is the agency or instrumentality through which the will of the state is formulated,express and realized. # sovereignty - the supreme power of the state to command and enforce obedience to its will from people within its jurisdiction and corollary to have freedom from foreign control.

What right does the first amendment give groups of people?

freedom of speech

What was the main idea of the Mayflower Compact?

To give the people more freedom

To whom does the US Constitution give sovereignty?

State legislatures, state constitutions, the US national government, and the President of the United States.

What did Thomas Hobbes write that people give up some of their freedom in exchange for?

Thomas Hobbes wrote that people give up some of their freedoms in exchange for security and protection by a powerful government, as outlined in his work "Leviathan." This social contract establishes order and prevents a state of continual conflict, known as the "state of nature."