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Q: Did the Agricultural Adjustment Administration paid farmers for not growing crops and this program pleased all farmers?
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What has the author Howard Kester written?

Howard Kester has written: 'Revolt among the sharecroppers' -- subject(s): Cotton growing, History, Sharecroppers, Sharecropping, Southern Tenant Farmers' Union, Tenant farmers, United States, United States. Agricultural Adjustment Administration

What were the three agricultural practices that Mayan farmers used?

the three agricultural practices are having sex,growing crops,and making chocolate

How did Roosevelt's efforts to help the farmers?

Roosevelt implemented programs such as the Agricultural Adjustment Act to help farmers during the Great Depression. These programs aimed to stabilize crop prices and provide financial assistance to struggling farmers. Additionally, he established the Farm Credit Administration to provide loans to farmers in need.

What was the fastest growing profession in the US by 1860?

By 1860, the fastest-growing profession in the US was farming, as the increasing demand for agricultural products led to a surge in agricultural production and the need for more farmers to work the land. The westward expansion and the opening of new territories also contributed to the growth of farming as a profession.

What means agricultural?

Agricultural means pertaining to farming or the growing of crops.

Why is agricultural revolution important?

"cause" is simply not a good enough answer. The agricultural revolution was important because it was the first time that humans changed from being hunters and gatherers into being farmers and and making tools and growing food for ourselves, thus making food more accessible.

Which Texas symbol is also called 1015 by the farmers growing it?

Sweet Onion is called 1015 by farmers growing it.

What are the release dates for Growing Farmers - 2012?

Growing Farmers - 2012 was released on: USA: 7 October 2012

What are various agricultural practise required for growing crop?

The use of fertilizer and the use of the modern technology refers to the agricultural practice for growing crop.

One of the major problems facing farmers in the 1920s was?

One of the major problems facing farmers in the 1920's was overproduction. Farmers were heavily in debt to pay for new, expensive machinery and began growing more produce in an attempt to cover their debts. Sales of agricultural goods saw a decline in the 1920's leaving the farmers with high debts and decreased sales.

What are Greek farmers known for growing?

In both Ancient Greece and modern Greece, farmers are known for growing olives and grapes.

Can a Christmas tree farm qualify as an agricultural exemption?

Yes. Tree farming is an agricultural activity. There's no legal difference between growing trees and growing tomatoes.