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No. According to Article 7, the Constitution was considered ratified when 9 states (2/3 of the 13) had approved it. The last 2 states, North Carolina and Rhode Island, ratified the Constitution in late 1789 and in 1790, after the proposition of the Bill of Rights in September, 1789.

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No, it is part of the U. S. Constitution as soon as at least 2/3 of each House of Congress have approved it and at least 3/4 of the states have ratified it.

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Q: Did the new US Constitution have to be ratified by all 13 existing states?
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Who was the constitution ratified by?

The constitution was ratified by all the 13 states in 1790 .

Is all 50 states ratifying the constitution today?

The first 13 states ratified the Constitution. As new states were added, they had to agree to be a part of the Constitution but did not ratify it.

How many states ratifyed the constitution?

All 13 states ratified the U.S. Constitution, which was considered in effect after two-thirds of them (9) had done so.All 13 ratified the U.S. Constitution. They only needed 9.9 - apex

When was the American constitution ratified by all 13 states?

March 1st 1781

When was the counstitutin of the us signed?

The writing of the Constitution was completed on September 17, 1787. After this, it had to be ratified by at least 9 of the 13 states. In the end, all 13 states ratified it. The Constitution was put into effect on March 4, 1789.

What state's sighning ratified the constitution?

All 13 of the original states ratified the Constitution. Delaware was the first on December 7, 1787 and Rhode Island was the last on May 29, 1790.

How many states was needed to ratify the Constitution.?

The U.S. Constitution required the ratification of ten of the thirteen states to go into effect. Eventually all thirteen ratified it.

What year was the U.S. Constitution signed by the framers?

Septemeber 17, 1987 - the proposed U.S. Constitution was signed. June 21, 1788 - Constitution ratified by New Hampshire, thus making for nine of the thirteen states needed for official ratification of the U.S. Constitution. May 29, 1790 - Constitution is ratified by all 13 states of the U.S.

What was done by nine states before the constitution could go into effect?

At least 9 of the thirteen had to approve it.

Which of the original thirteen states was the first to sign the constitution?

Delaware was the first colony to become state.

Why was ratification of the Constitution not automatic?

The delegates to the constitutional convention, which included all of the original colonies except for Rhode Island, decided that the Constitution would become effective after 9 of the 13 states ratified it. However, it would only be effective in states that ratified it.

How many states approved of the Constitution?

Atleast 9 of 13 states had to approve the original constitution before it could be ratified. Currently all states approve the US constitution (because they are technically bound by it). The states 'ratified' it after 39 delegates to the Constitutional Convention 'adopted' it (Sept. 17, 1787). For the Constitution to be ratified, 9 of the 13 states had to ratify it. New Hampshire on June 21, 1788 was the 9th state. Within a month Virginia and New York followed. North Carolina (1790) and Rhode Island (1791) ratified after Washington became President (1789).