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royal taxes fuedal dues work taxes and two more that im not sure of

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Q: Did the third estate pay taxes?
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What taxes did members of third estate have to pay?

the members of the third estate had to pay money

Why did the third estate pay more Taxes?

The Third Estate had to pay 50% of their income tax

Who paid more taxes third estate or 1st estate?

No, they did not. They were exempted from paying taxes. Only the 3rd estate (the bourgeoisie) had to pay taxes.

How did most members of the Third Estate want to fix Frances financial problems?

By making the First estate and the Second estate pay taxes and thus contribute to France's budget.

Why the third estate was not happy with the outcome of the french revolution?

because they were the only persons who were asked to pay taxes

Do you have to pay taxes on estate money received?

Yes, you will have to pay taxes on any estate money received.

Does the estate pay taxes?

Estates pay taxes on income and may have to pay inheritance taxes.

Clergy and nobles did not pay these?

Taxes. During the old regime the Clergy (1st estate) and the Nobility (2nd estate) did not have to pay taxes, meaning the bourgeoisie (3rd estate) had to pay all the taxes.

Do you pay estate taxes on property left to you?

Generally the taxes are paid by the estate.

How was the Bourgeoisie different from the third estate?

The bourgeoisie was different than the rest of the third estae

Why did the third estate consider the distribution of land unfair?

because, remember the 3rd estate was the poor people and they had to pay all the taxes with absolutely no land

Property taxes?

Can I get help to pay my real estate taxes?